Old Key West 2 Bedroom Villa

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    Hi there, can someone tell me about the 2 bedroom villas at Old Key West. We're really stuck whether to go for a 1 bed or 2 bed here. I'm also interested in maybe Saratoga Springs but I really like the look of the OKW resort.

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    Hi there, I've stayed at both Old Key West and Saratoga Springs Resort and OKW definitely tops it for me. Incidentally my accommodation at both properties was also the two bedroom villas. There was five of us in our party both times and although we could have managed with one of the one bedroom rooms it was better (for us) to have the two. It meant I could get up any time I liked which is usually early on the first few days. You're also not in a position where you're having to put beds away to sit on sofas.

    Anyhow, generally the two bedroom villas at OKW have (as you'd guess) two bedrooms. The master has a bathroom leading off with a corner whirlpool bath, where the second bedroom has a dressing room area that leads onto another bathroom. I'll go through the picks I have:

    OKW 2 Bedroom Layout

    This is a standard 2 bedroom layout at Old Key West. Note that there is a 2 bedroom that comprises a 1 bedroom with a 1 bed studio lockoff. So each the 1 bedroom and studio have an interconnecting door. These are less common.

    Old Key West 2 Bedroom Villas Hallway

    So when you walk in the front door you're taken into a small hallway. The dining/kitchen area is right in front, the master bedroom to the left and the second bedroom to the right.


    Kitchen/Dining Area

    The kitchen and living area was well appointed and had a couple of settees and a chair that you can use to sleep on. There was also a kitchen table, large screen tv, fridge freezer, cooker, microwave, coffee maker, utensils etc etc. Pretty much everything you'd need if you were cooking. To be honest the most we did was coffee and bagels (hey I'm on holiday right).


    This must have been early in our stay because its really tidy :)


    As you can see the living area is nice and airy.


    The kitchen table, I seem to remember this only had 4 chairs which I thought was a little odd for somewhere thats supposed to sleep twice as many people.

    Old Key West 2 Bedroom Villa Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom had a really comfy king size bed.

    The room was plenty big enough with a TV so I could check out weather on the nine's etc etc. The room also had a door out onto the balcony so you could go from here to the living area via the balcony.

    This also had the en-suite with the whirlpool bath.

    Old Key West Bedroom 1 Ensuite Bathroom in 2 Bedroom Villa


    Bath is fully topped up. As you can see there's a sink and the door leads on to the lavatory.

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