OKW - 2 balconies on 2 bed villa?

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  1. OrlandoBob

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    I am sure I read somewhere that the non dedicated 2 beds (ie made up of a 1 bed and studio) have 2 balconies - one off the main bed/lounge and one off bedroom 2 (studio bit). Is that correct please? I've been looking at photos and floorplans but it doesn't show it.

    It is most likely that our children will be sleeping in the lounge on an evening and my parents in the main bedroom, so they can use the main balcony if they wish. I was just hoping we may have a balcony off our bedroom too.
  2. slinky

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    The answer is... it depends :)

    At Old Key West they have two types of two bedroom villa. They have the 2 bedroom villas that are "proper" two bedrooms. These have one balcony that is accessible from the dining/living area and the master bedroom.

    The other type is a 1 bedroom with a studio attached so can make two seperate rooms. These have two balconies so when they are being used seperately they have their own balconies.

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