Good's Food to Go at Old Key West

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    Hi, we'll be looking for some quick food when we land Walt Disney World and will be staying at Old Key West. Can anyone tell me about Good's Food to Go? Is it any good or should I give it a miss?

  2. slinky

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    As much as I like OKW, it has to be said it is seriously lack in the food department if you're after picking up something quick. This is definitely where Saratoga Springs Resort wins over OKW for me.

    Anyhow, on our last visit we had something at Good's Food to Go on our arrival day and on the day we left. When we arrived the kids were starving (aren't they always) so we used up some of our Quick Service dining plan credits. Here's some photos.

    This was the 1/3llb Angus Cheeseburger which was tasty enough and certainly filled a hole.

    We alos ordered a hot dog which you could get with fries or coleslaw. Again, not offensive and if you're after quick nosh that was fine. You'll be able to see what the desserts look like too. That's a Key Lime Pie and a Chocolate Cake in the background.

    And it continues :) This was the eight pieces of chicken breast nuggets and was pretty darn substantial. To be fair it isn't all burgers, you can get the odd sandwich, Caesar Salad etc.

    We had breakfast there as well, using up the last of our quick service credits. I seem to remember there was a choice of a Breakfast Croissant which was OK and certainly more edible than the Breakfast Platter which I personally wouldn't bother with again (bacon, scrambled egg, biscuit)

    Good's Food to Go is a small place down by the main pool and you can fill your mugs there if you have them. There's a few picnic tables outside but not much in the way of seating and nothing to protect you from the elements.

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